Wake Up Call – Metaphysics – World Politik – Science – Philosophy

Happen to Life is a simple idea.

That you are in control of your universe.
It is the idea that in fact through your perception you create your universe.
That there is no separation between what you believe is, and what is.
That there is no objective reality and that all of life is what you deem it to be.
Right and wrong are polarities in your mind, and you decide what is moral and what is not.
And when you decide, you make it so.
Through your action and your inaction.

It is the idea that you must first perceive a problem, and then care about the problem, to have any hope of solving it.

Truth is power.
Knowledge is power.
Perception is power.

This blog is about truth, knowledge of that truth, and perception of that truth. I will reveal to you the truth, you will perceive the truth, and it is my hope that you will act on the truth and change your reality.


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